Lysanne loves to share her passion for sport. She is a Motivational speaker for schools, institutions and businesses. She often appears in the media. She has written several blogs for TVA Sports and the Parc Olympique de Montreal, and has been a specialist analyst since 2015 for RedBull Cliff Diving broadcast on TVA Sport and TVA Sport 2. Lysanne is also an ambassador for Parc Olympique de Montreal. She proudly represents it internationally, glorifying her training facilities. It is thanks to her involvement that the Sports Centre has recently developed a diving platform at 20 meters in height, making it the only indoor center with such a platform in America.


livre  Toujours plus Haut! - Lysanne Richard

Toujours plus haut !

Lysanne Richard
avec Myriam Jézéquel

"Dans la biographie inspirante qu’elle consacre à cette athlète d’exception, mère de trois enfants, Myriam Jézéquel nous convie à un tête-à-tête intime avec une femme dont le parcours de vie est un modèle d’accomplissement personnel et professionnel."

The book will be in bookstores on October 22, 2020 but contact me directly for your autographed copy.

The cost of the book is $29.95 CAN plus 😊 tax. (Added postage if necessary)

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Lysanne Richard : code promo chez KB Cosmétiques
Lysanne Richard : code promo chez KB Cosmétiques


«Regarde l’eau à perte de vue. Les montagnes pis les falaises qui surplombent l’horizon. La lumière d’une autre journée qui s’pose sur l’eau du Fjord, au même moment où les villages se réveillent…»

It is here at home that thanks to a team of people of heart, my dream has taken shape. For years, I imagined myself flying off its rock face and diving into the deep waters of my Fjord. It was audacious to do this test in the cold of the late September mornings of the Saguenay, but oh how it was worth the momentum to dare. Thank you Pierre Lavoie, Germain Thibault, Nathalie Almeras, Olivier Morneau-Ricard, Sarah Mayer, Mitch Geller and Diving Plongeon Canada, I could not have found better allies to propel this idea. Well done, Michael Foisy for taking your courage and flight with me. Thank you, Stéphane Lapointe and Félix Morin for coaching. Congratulations to Charles-Antoine Thériault for making this clip and for writing the beautiful text read by Vincent Vallières. Vincent I am grateful, we needed a voice to live up to the beauty of our landscapes and the warmth of the welcome of the people of our area. Congratulations to the entire technical team Marc-Olivier Goulet-Lanthier, Raphael Desharnais, Marc-Alexandre Dulude, Nicolas Robert and Loic Romer the visual you created is so great that the nature of the area.

Thank you to all the other craftsmen involved in this project. Thank you Promotion Saguenay, Port Saguenay, Saguenay Lac-St_Jean, M.R.C. du Fjord-du-Saguenay and Caisses Desjardins du Saguenay. This is just the beginning... Diving Canada and Pierre Lavoie are working on a big project for the summer of 2021, I can't wait to share the details with you.

With 5 podiums in 6 starts in 2019
Lysanne is certainly in list for the next title

In response to current health developments around the world and following advice from international and national health authorities, the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series is cancelled for the 2020 season. We are therefore waiting for the competition schedule for the 2021 season. Red Bull Cliff Diving features the world's best cliff divers.

See 2019 results

Lysanne Richard, HIGH DIVING

Lysanne Richard April 13th 2019
Red Bull World series, El Nido, PHILIPPINES

Lysanne Richard, HIGH DIVING 2

Lysanne Richard May 12th 2019
Red Bull World series, Dublin, IRLAND

Lysanne Richard, HIGH DIVING 3

Lysanne Richard June 22th 2019
Red Bull World series, Azores, PORTUGAL

Lysanne Richard, HIGH DIVING 4

Lysanne Richard August 24th 2019
Red Bull World series, Mostar, BOSNIA

Lysanne Richard, HIGH DIVING Bilbao

Lysanne Richard September 14th 2019
Red Bull World series, Bilbao, SPAIN

Overview of 2018

Lysanne Richard, HIGH DIVING  BRONZE Acores 2018

Lysanne Richard July 14th 2018
Red Bull World series, Azores, PORTUGAL

Lysanne Richard, HIGH DIVING OR Suisse 2018

Lysanne Richard August 5th 2018
Red Bull World series, Sisikon, SWITZERLAND

Lysanne Richard, HIGH DIVING  ARGENT Italie 2018

Lysanne Richard Sept. 23rd 2018
Red Bull World series, Polignano, ITALY

Lysanne Richard, HIGH DIVING  ARGENT Italie 2018

Lysanne Richard Nov. 10th 2018
FINA World Cup, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Federation internationale de plongeon

World Cup
and Championship

High diving competitions are part of FINA International Swimming Federation since 2013. Lysanne Richard wins gold at the 2016 World Cup. The competition was held in Abu Dhabi in February.

Red Bull Cliff diving


The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, established in 2009 and created by Red Bull, is an annual international series of cliff diving events in which a limited number of competitors determine the Cliff Diving World Series winner. Competitions are held in a limited number of venues around the globe. At the beginning, it was addressed only to men. It is open to women since 2013. Lysanne Richard is selected regular diver for the series.

Équipe canadienne


Lysanne Richard is the only representative of Canada in the network of high diving competitions. Her trainings are held at the Parc Olympique Sports Centre in Montreal and at Complexe sportif Claude-Robillard.

Jeux Olympiques


Currently the highest platform in Olympic diving is 10 meters. In women's high diving, the height of the platform or the rocks for the departure lies 20 to 22 metres above the water. Among men, it is 27 to 29 metres. High diving is likely to be presented at the Olympics.


Many major international competitions are held each year. To properly prepare, the young woman commits full time to her training and is now seeking sponsors.

"High dive events have great visibility." Highly spectacular, the Red Bull Cliff Diving events are presented in major TV channels including Red Bull TV. The FINA World Championships are covered by media around the world.

Real superheroes don't need a cape to fly, video produced by Red Bull

Who is Lysanne Richard

At the age of 10 Lysanne Richard saw, for the first time, a daring high dive during a performance at Village Vacances Valcartier, near Quebec City. "I immediately knew that I wanted to do that" she recalls. Born in Chicoutimi Québec Canada, she took up diving at the age of nine. She competed in provincial and national events. After high school, she studied at École nationale de cirque de Montreal. She then made career in this universe, working especially for Cirque du Soleil (Zarkana) and Les 7 doigts de la main (Amuse). Three children were born over time, and often accompanied her on tour, with their dad.

High diving? Lysanne Richard took her first taste of it in summer 2000, while she gave performances in northern France. (Translation of an article written by Marie Allard, La Presse)

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