Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2018

Red Bull Cliff diving 2018

Dates and places

  • June 2 - Texas, ÉTATS UNIS
  • July 14 - S. Miguel, Azores, PORTUGAL
  • August 5 - Sisikon, SUISSE
  • September 8 - Mostar, BIH
  • September 23 - Polignano a Mare, ITALY

5th place

Red Bull Cliff Diving

Hell's Gate (Texas E-U), 1-2 June 2018.

JIMENEZ, Adriana  MX MEX  302.20
MACAULAY, Jessica  GB GBR  302.10
BADER, Anna  DE GER  301.80
IFFLAND, Rhiannan  AU AUS  301.6
RICHARD, Lysanne  CA CAN  264.90
NESTSIARAVA, Yana   BY BLR  258.50
HUBER, Ginger  US USA  250.15
QUINTERO, Maria Paula  CO COL  224.60
TOWNSEND SMART, Eleanor   US USA  198.20
10 VALDEZ, Irlanda  CA MEX  183.85

3rd place

Red Bull Cliff Diving

Azores (PORTUGAL), 13-14 July 2018.

IFFLAND, Rhiannan  AU AUS  324.95
JIMENEZ, Adriana  MX MEX  294.30
RICHARD, Lysanne  CA CAN  285.80
NESTSIARAVA, Yana   BY BLR  281.30
MACAULAY, Jessica  GB GBR  280.30
HUBER, Ginger  US USA  255.80
BADER, Anna  UA GER  252.40
9VYSHYVANOVA, Antonia  UA BRA  248.00
9VALENTE, Jacqueline  BR BRA  241.10
TOWNSEND SMART, Eleanor   US USA  172.90

FINA High Diving World Cup

Date and place to be determined


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